The Package

Hardrock Game lodge has an announcement for all hunters of all caliber alike this package is for new and seasoned hunters.

The package includes,

3 Nights with full cater and a chance to take a shot at this champion bull.

The fact that this animal was born on the ranch and knows its surroundings by heart will give any hunter a challenge he/she deserves.

Are You Still Reading?

The fact that you are still reading is that you are craving the thrill of the hunt and what this bull can offer you.

This is an opportunity you cannot afford to miss. This is a one-time event for the change to hunting this bull in its natural surroundings.

We promise you that he will give you a challenge, be the first where many have failed. You have the change to be known as the best Hardrock Hunter.

For more information

get in touch with us here or just send us a mail on

Important Notice.

Please read through our terms regarding hunting here, thank you Hardrock Game Lodge Management.

A few things to expect when visiting

Hardrock Game Lodge.

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Luxury homsteads with depending on your packages that can include catering and more, or just enjoy the privicy of your own company with family and friends.

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Enjoy the seroundings take in a deep breath, we take pride in what we have to offer you and we will make sure that your stay with us is something that will stay with you as fond memories continue to grow in your life.

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Depending on what package you are considering to take please condider to choose one with the Safari you will not be disapointed. With a abundoned of fona & flora this we garentee will be the experience of a life time.

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As it has already been mentioned in the 3rd message we have a abundoned of fona & flora, there has been no hunting on Hardrock for 3 years thus makes Hardrock the ideal hunting spot for new and veteren hunters alike. Book now for your spot here at Hardrock Game Lodge