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Hardrock Game Lodge

Hardrock Game Lodge strives to bring the best othentic Safari experience to all our clients. From hunting to just enjoying the seenery we have something for everyone to enjoy

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A few things to expect when visiting

Hardrock Game Lodge.

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Luxury homsteads with depending on your packages that can include catering and more, or just enjoy the privicy of your own company with family and friends.

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Enjoy the seroundings take in a deep breath, we take pride in what we have to offer you and we will make sure that your stay with us is something that will stay with you as fond memories continue to grow in your life.

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Depending on what package you are considering to take please condider to choose one with the Safari you will not be disapointed. With a abundoned of fona & flora this we garentee will be the experience of a life time.

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As it has already been mentioned in the 3rd message we have a abundoned of fona & flora, there has been no hunting on Hardrock for 3 years thus makes Hardrock the ideal hunting spot for new and veteren hunters alike. Book now for your spot here at Hardrock Game Lodge